publishing director

  • Stéphane Martin, President of the Public Institution of the musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac

project management (museum)

directorate of cultural development

  • Hélène Fulgence, Director

general project coordination

  • Hervé Samson, Head of Digital Development
  • Sébastien Magro, Responsible for new media projects


  • Cécile Renault
  • Camille Motte

technical specifications

  • Philippe Bergeret
  • Grégory Fernandez

documentary & it specifIcations

  • Lucile Grand
  • Bertrand Lewden
  • Paul-Emmanuel Bernard
  • Anne Faure


  • Directorate of Cultural Development: Anne Behr, Aliénor Caussé, Marc Henry, Pierre-Louis Tardy, Laure Vernay
  • Department for the Audience Awareness: Damien Dubuc, Géraldine Gomaere, Sophie Hannecart, Anne-Cécile Lourenço, Bruno Lalanne-Claux
  • Department of Heritage and Collections Department (objects): Julien Rousseau
  • Department of Heritage and Collections (Media Library and Jacques Kerchache Reading Room) Pierre-Yves Belfils, Julien Brachhammer, Mathieu Decombe
  • Department of Research and Education: Anna Gianotti Laban, Esthel Desverchere, Maïra Muchnik, Erika Trowe
  • Patronage: Camille Assouline, Manon Auzanneau, Geraldine Sallit Chevignard
  • Communications Directorate: Benjamin Clément-Diard, Christel Moretto, Pierre Mottais

project team (contractors)

project coordination, design and technical development

graphic design and ergonomics

documentary search engine

terminology alignment software

project management assistance (design phase)

skill-sharing sponsorship


  • Dominique Arrighi, Jérôme Bastianelli, Christophine Erignac, Frédéric Keck, Yves Le Fur, Catherine Menezo-Mereur, Karim Mouttalib, Nathalie Mercier, Anne Picq, Blandine Sorbe, François Stahl
  • Marc Brébant, Julien Clément ,Catherine Duruel, Almudena Hitier, Emmanuel Kasarhérou, Camille Lesage, Jessica de Largy-Healy, Audrey Lagrue, Muriel Lardeau, Magali Melandri, Sergio Parr Gribbel, Lisa Veran, Magalie Vernet

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