Temporary exhibition areas


The temporary exhibition areas occupy altogether over 45% of the total exhibition surface area of the museum. The programming of these areas is eclectic, in accordance with the museum’s guiding principle of intercultural dialogue.

Central Mezzanine

Located on the central mezzanine of the Main Collections Space, the Atelier Martine Aublet is a free space at the heart of the museum. Designed like a curiosity cabinet, three times a year it hosts original installations or free rein “carte blanche” exhibitions for contemporary artists.

East Mezzanine

The mezzanine floor located East of the collections area hosts exhibitions which take their materials from the collections of the museum or in the great heritage collections of foreign partner institutions. Three to six temporary exhibitions are held here every year.

west Mezzanine

The mezzanine floor located West of the collections area offers exhibitions dedicated to the major themes that structure relations among people. A privileged place for anthropological reflections, they invite the visitor to consider major universal issues: create, believe, initiate, grow, conquer...

Jardin Gallery

The Jardin Gallery is located under the ramp that gives access to the collections area. Its curved forms and its all-white decor create a break with the rest of the museum and in this way accentuate its purpose: to host temporary international exhibitions twice a year. This large space located on the ground floor is designed to be altered as required.